Humanity Revival Movement

Let's make the world a more cheerful place and put joy in our lives!

Don't you think there is something wrong with the world we live in? The world has become too materialistic, too competitive. We are under too much pressure without time to consider life's meaning and the way we should conduct our lives.

The Revival of Humanity Movement was launched in January 1970. At that time, Japan was experiencing rapid economic growth. Japan took pride in becoming the world's number one producer of televisions. People in Japan began to enjoy an affluent life with a great emphasis on material goods. There was no doubt that Japan had become an advanced nation. Much of the population had completed high school and university. Freedom and equality were regarded as important components of Japanese society.

Unfortunately, people overvalued material goods and wealth. They ignored the spiritual side of life. This became evident in all aspects of life in Japan - at home, in school, in business and in government. Relationships with others became chaotic, something unimaginable in earlier times. The very structure of society became unfathomable.

This trend has spread globally. Children now face an environment which is deteriorating around them: bullying, violence, incivility, a flood of pornography, divorce, a breakdown of discipline in the classroom, eating disorders are just some of the challenges our children confront. Not only did we neglect to create a nurturing environment for our children, we also allowed our children to become too focused on the superficial. Possessions and money took on too much importance, leading to prostitution, drugs, drinking and smoking.

To reverse direction, we should place renewed importance on morality and ethics. Adults must set a good example for the younger generation. Even though most people realize the importance of leading a moral life, they are so busy with their daily routines that they have lost their way.

Of course, there are people with heart and fortitude who realize that we must make changes but it is an uphill battle. We are constantly barraged with news of serious wrong doing by adults in all walks of life. Their conduct corrupts the minds of our young people.

Human beings have such wonderful potential. However, if we do not cultivate our minds and imbue our lives with spiritual values then the world as we know it will be in great danger. The revival of humanity is not only an important issue in Japan but to people all over the world.

In the 21st century we will have to turn our focus inward to develop our inner selves. Let us use the guiding principle of the Revival of Humanity Movement to create together a spiritually enriched and happy society.

Our organization is an independent body which is not affiliated with any political party or religious group. We are a group of individuals with shared views. We invite you to join us in the Revival of Humanity Movement.

Humanity Revival: The Spirit of Five Essential Ways

LOVE : Cultivate people's affection and place as much importance on other people's lives as you do on your own.

RIGHTEOUSNESS : Have the courage to judge things impartially.

MANNERS : Cultivate a sense of gratitude and have respect for other people.

KNOWLEDGE : Use objectivity to assess situations justly. Cultivate one's mind to be sincere. Foster relationships of mutual trust.

FIDELITY : Cultivate a mind which is not pretentious. Trust in others and earn their trust.

History of Revival of Humanity Movement:

1970: Launch of Revival of Humanity Movement
1971: Branches set up to spread the Movement throughout Japan
1973: Started publishing newsletter
1974: Started anti-smoking movement for the purpose of improving public health
1980: Song composed to commemorate the Revival of Humanity Movement, "Flower in Everyone's Heart"
1981: Anti-smoking slides shown in Japanese schools (junior high and high schools)
1985: Campaign to install nonsmoking compartments in the Bullet train.
1988: Encouraged sexual abstinence among students as sexual problems became evident
1989: Focused on finding solution to the problem of bullying
1990: Celebrated 20th anniversary
1993: Edited supplementary books on sex and the harmful effects of tobacco for junior high school students.
1994: Participated in international conference: International Council of Prison Medical Services
1997: Inquiry Commission for the Mass Media was set up
Requested all Japanese high schools and junior high schools to participate in essay contest aimed at solving problem of bullying
1998: Official recognition from the Minister of Education, Culture and Science as an incorporated body

The Revival of Humanity Movement: Organizational Structure

The Board and Staff of the Revival of Humanity Movement seek to contribute to the Movement by fostering healthy relationships among people through the use of moral precepts easily applicable to people of all ages and nationalities. To this end, we:

1) conduct workshops, gatherings and lectures with the aim of promoting the revival of humanity.
2) disseminate information about the Movement.
3) guide young people toward combating bullying by giving them a moral foundation on which to build their lives.
4) publicize the Movement and our activities and check the media for references to the Movement.
5) issue a newsletter and other publications.
6) Undertake other projects to advance the mission of the Movement.


1) Private consultations. For people wishing to improve themselves, we will offer individually tailored instruction.
2) Members of the Movement may participate in any of the instructional programs.
3) Workshops. Lectures and group meetings designed to teach the skills needed to develop the inner self.
4) Gatherings. Opportunities to meet people and interact with individuals from all professions and backgrounds.
5) Lectures. How a society is formed and how we can change it. A search for the purpose of life.

The Organization

Chairman: Professor Masaaki Misumi PHD, Seikei University
Head Office: #401, 2-15-5, Shoto, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Tel: 03-3460-9441 Fax. 03-3460-9466         e-mail:

Revival of Humanity Prospectus

I. Lost Humanity in Today's World

Our lives have improved with the latest technology: satellites enabling immediate broadcast all over the world; computers handling massive amounts of information instantaneously; robots replacing manpower.

However, under the threat of nuclear war, we human beings are in danger of destroying our irreplaceable earth. The dangers we face are becoming greater as science progresses. In spite of amazing progress made by what we may call a machine-dominated civilization, society is in distress. Drugs, violence, crime have all increased dramatically and nothing seems to satisfy people's greed. The "advancement" of our civilization has in fact destroyed much of our natural environment and corrupted people's minds. Our lives are threatened not only externally but internally as well.

How can we change this situation? We, who have achieved such scientific progress but have caused so much damage - are we able to form a society that can govern responsibly? The solution lies in our attitude toward life. People are not aware of the fact that we possess a divine spirit. We don't know how to reach or use this divine spirit and the result is the chaotic society we live in.

We have defined the state in which we have lost the outstanding quality of human nature as "Lost Humanity." We have defined the state in which we become conscious of the divine spirit as "Revival of Humanity."

If we wish for a peaceful society for our own happiness as well as for the happiness of future generations, then it becomes crucial for us to pay more attention to our own conduct. Most importantly, we must find our true selves and make an effort to exercise the fine qualities in ourselves that we all possess in our subconscious minds.

II. What is Mankind?

What are the outstanding subconscious qualities which we human being possess? All living beings - man and animal - have bodily instincts. They have the desire to eat for survival and the desire to procreate for posterity. The distinction between animals and human beings is that animals simply satisfy their own desires while human beings go beyond those desires. Human beings have emotions, the power to reason and to form ideas, and the intelligence to control desire and instinct. Humans are also endowed with the ability to form collective societies. Thus we have different cultures. Even after death our achievements are passed on to the next generation as cultural heritage.

People seek truth by loving virtue and beauty in all its forms. People cultivate their own sensibility and heighten their intelligence to progress, develop and improve. We live in a closely knit society depending on each other for food, clothing and shelter. Most of our work involves other people. If we make other people unhappy in order to satisfy our own greed for wealth or for power or if we give priority to our own happiness over the happiness of others, conflicts will never cease. The world will continue to be chaotic and an unpleasant place in which to live. Conversely, if we realize the meaning of "one's own existence because of other people" and refrain from fulfilling our selfish desire, focusing instead on the happiness of others, then surely we could create a society where peace and happiness prevail.

The key to whether there will be war or peace, misery or happiness, depends on our state of mind and our conduct. Which to choose is up to us. The decisive factor will be whether or not people choose to satisfy their selfish desires or learn to live by making compromises with other people. Selfish desires stem from animal instincts that we all possess. Human beings are superior to animals because we are able to think unselfishly. If more people become aware that to behave selflessly is the ideal way of life, the world would become a more comfortable planet to live on.

Will we be able to truly surpass our pure animal instincts by thinking in an unselfish way? It could be said that the most important trait one could acquire would be to think in an altruistic way and try to improve and develop oneself to reach the ultimate goal of truth, virtue and beauty. This human trait of unselfishness is the universal essence of mankind regardless of age or national or racial differences. We define this as Humanity. Our Revival of Humanity Movement seeks to awaken Humanity in each individual and to bring it into the fore of each person's consciousness.

III. How Do We Revive Humanity?

Humanity as we define it is universal to mankind regardless of creed, nationality or economic status or rank in society. Ultimately, we are all able to find Humanity in ourselves. However, during the search for Humanity no one's views should be forced on others.

Our Movement has a set of guiding principles. Following them should be a choice made freely by the individual. The guiding principles will serve to create a foundation for a harmonious way of life - to act in accordance with truth, virtue and beauty by living an altruistic life.

LOVE : Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Cooperate and trust one another.
RIGHTEOUSNESS : Judge things impartially and have the courage to act in an unbiased way.
MANNERS : Have good manners and be moderate. Try to speak with beauty and refinement.
KNOWLEDGE : Be knowledgeable. Try to acquire the skills to judge things justly. Constantly elevate one's intelligence.
FIDELITY : Be sincere in relating to other people. Become a trustworthy person.

These are the qualities that are essential in life as we associate and build relationships with other people - be they intimate family relationship such as wife and husband, or parent and child or more formal relationship such as those among citizens in a community. This task should not be thought of as a burden. It will affect not only your own happiness but that of others. As humans, we are all related.

In order to practice the guiding principles one has to be in charge of one's self, physically and mentally. In any aspect of the guiding principles it is necessary to reflect on one's deeds, whether good or bad, in order to control one's actions.

The same thing can be said not only for relationships among people but also the relationship between nature and people. Human beings are earth's most developed animals, created in such an impeccably detailed way that they are capable of deciding earth's future: whether to destroy or save our planet earth. We have the duty to be good stewards of the earth.

IV. The True Way of Life is to Revive our Spiritual Side of Life

It is important to reform the social structure to make this world a better place. Relying on external factors alone is not a solution to the fundamental crisis we face in today's world. People's happiness cannot be achieved unless a peaceful society is secured. We cannot attain a peaceful society by fighting. Peace and happiness can be realized when each one of us becomes aware that one must make an effort to change and to enrich one's human quality. Life takes on its real value and becomes joyful when we choose the path to elevate ourselves by following the five guiding principles.

We believe firmly that a peaceful and cheerful society will be created by practicing the guiding principles. The Revival of Humanity Movement seeks to give great value to one's spiritual life and restore humanity to today's world - a world that attaches too much importance to the material and not enough to the spiritual.